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Hey you guys, stick with me and I will show you the Thank you for coming back and checking me out. In this post I want to spotlight a really special person who is also my favorite person of the week and that is Alek Wek. Alek is an international Super Model and the author of new Memoir "Alek Wek From Sudanese Refugee to International Super Model". This week there has been a lot of press covering the launch of her new book. I wanted to write something on it earlier but I didn't because I was not physically at any of those events. And the whole idea of MochaMoves is writing about events that I have actually been to. So when I got an invite to an Alek Wek book reading I was really excited to cover this event. It was a really small private event and Alek showed up on time, which was unexpected because this is Fashion Week. She spoke really well, and talked about her life and her family. She was born in Sudan and her father died when she was nine, she is also one of 9 children. Her mom is the matriarch of the family and they fled to Europe from the Sudan War. She was discovered by a modeling scout at a mall in London. Alek allowed the audience to ask her questions, which was really nice. She had an English accent and looked as flawless as she does in the magazines. I related to her a lot because my father is from Africa and I have a sister there as well. By the way she spoke you can tell that she was really down to earth. Her book had family pics that anyone from the islands can relate to. So show her some love and enjoy the pics. And now I feel like an official photographer because I have taken pics of a super So the next time you see me if I have one of those huge fashion photographer cameras don't
Alek Wek Signing her Book

Alek Speaking at her Book Launch Event

Mocha @ Alek Wek Book Launch Event


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Hey and welcome back. So as you will notice in three of the posts I have on the same That is because I was doing a lot in one day for my "MochaMoves" readers. I caught up with my girl Fergie before she did her huge launch event for Kipling handbags. The funniest thing is as I am writing "My Humps" is playing on MTV. Fergie and Kipling collaborated for a new line called "Fergie Kipling Handbags". I saw a few of the Kipling executives carrying the new line and they looked really cool. The styles are separated into three designs Nice Scout, Naughty Scout and The Dutchess. The bags are fun and affordable they range from $75 to $200. Fergie was pretty nice she even posed for me to take an exclusive pic of her, her body guard was also pretty she looked so tiny. But you know everyone looks tiny to me when I have on my heals Well enjoy the pics.

A MochaMoves EXCLUSIVE!-Fergie before her bag launch.

And you know I was on the scene!

Promo Pic of Fergie with her hand bags.

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Hey guys welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the long Labor Day weekend. You know I was on the scene at the parade, and I hung out with a lot of cool people. I will post the entry up about the parade a little later in the week. With that said lets get into today's entry. As we all know New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 08' has begun. I used to really be into the fashion shows a few years back but now I honestly can't keep up with those events. I go when I can , or if I think an event is actually going to be a good time for me or something fun to write about.
But yesterday I decided to go to The Second Annual Fashion Extravaganza by I Style Starz Entertainment. The show was hosted by Nik from America's Next Top Model Cycle Five and Miguel Perdomo the new face of Sean John. The show was actually a fund raiser to benefit HIV and AIDS awareness. One of its sponsors were BET's Rap It Up Campaign. The show was cool my favorite section was by Kasuele Furs. The host Miguel Perdomo was really good looking but very Nik was very bubbly..I saw her getting her hair and makeup done, I wanted to take a pic, but I knew it would not be a good look for show started off very classy by honoring an AIDS Activist Michael Patrick Saunders he is a Gay man that has been living with HIV for almost 24 yrs..WOW! and he looked great and very healthy. But it did get a little hood an intermission they asked people to show their model walk and Dara from Charm School, got up and did her thing Renae(The Five on Bet host) was also there, but she left a few minutes before the show started. Well enjoy some pics from the show and don't forget to comment.




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While reading all of the other cool blogs out there I realized that I was really in the place to be, because they had pics of this event up today But you know as always, I am always really on the scene to give you the scoop. And remember I take these pics myself so bare with me on quality

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