Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hey guys welcome back, I swear I have an overload of stuff to tell you guys about. While walking in the streets of New York City I witness so many crazy things I don't where to start. Some of the things I see sometimes really don't go along with the fun theme of this site. But because I have creative control of my entries, I can put up whatever I feel is interesting. So lets get into it and I will call these sections Out And About. Yesterday I was shopping on 5th ave in Manhattan, at about 12:20pm I passed Radio City Music hall and it was calm. I was rushing so I just ran into a few stores, when I passed back by the Radio City area at about 12:50pm I saw the craziest thing, there was smoke everywhere. It looked like the pics I seen of 9/11 before the Towers fell. I took a few pics and asked a few questions and was out of there, cause I know how that go. I am from BK and we don't wait around for it to go down, we go THAT way! The bystanders told me that a cab went up in flames, that is all I needed to hear. A cab going up in flames sounded way too familiar to me, I watch CNN and that is all they seem to do in Iraq, car explosions. I read today in The New York Post the cab went up in flames unexpectedly and they don't know why. Thank god the 30yr veteran cab driver who only had the car for 6 months is unharmed. He was smart enough to jump out the car when he saw the flames.
The pics I took of 50th st bet 5th and 6th ave

Wow! don't the American Flag take the pic to a whole different level.


Hey guys I have a question for you, Who Wore it Best? Major Mocha or Remy
The hot shoe of the Summer was the Louie Vuitton plastic wedge. While combing through one of my favorite gossip sites I came across a pic of Remy Ma wearing one of my favorites shoes. So I decided to pose a question for you enjoy the pics and post your response in the comment box.
Rapper Remy Ma in Louis Vuitton shoes

Blogger Major Mocha in Louis Vuitton me!

I will be waiting for your be honest, I won't be mad if you don't pick me.

Thanks for the support!