Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hey and welcome back. Over the weekend I went out to eat at this really nice restaurant. On the way in I even saw Ashford from Ashford and was dressed in all white and his perm was straighter than I had 9:30 reservations but as usual I was 15 minutes fashionably late. At the front of the restaurant there is a reservations desk, that is more like a hotel check in counter. After I checked in I knew that I would be in for a dining experience. At first I was not sure if I would be able to put you guys on to this spot, but then I thought, my readers are more important to me than anything else so I pulled out my camera and got an entry together for you guys ,so enjoy. Buddakan is one of the countries top restaurants by Stephan Starr specializing in modern Asian cuisine, it was opened in March 2006 and since then all of the celebrities have been seen at this hot spot. Buddakan is few blocks from the Budda-Bar but there is no relation. If you go there late, after dinner you can go a few blocks to Lotus or PM for a night of dancing. They are with in blocks of this restaurant. As an appetizer the Lobster Spring Rolls are really good and any kind of shrimp is great as well. The restaurant is like an enchanted land and the ceilings are amazingly high. Upstairs however feels very personal because it is split up into a few sections. Well I really don't want to tell you too much because I want you to experience it yourself...So enjoy the pics.
Dining @ Buddakan

The People @ Buddakan

The Reservations Desk @Buddakan

The Bar @ Buddakan

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