Friday, September 14, 2007


Hey everyone welcome back, so the big question is , who did you buy Kanye or 50? Well as we all know Kanye West and 50 Cent are trying to outsell each other opening week. After hearing all of the buzz about this challenge MochaMoves decided to get in on all of the action. I went out to the record store to see if there were any lines or if the albums were sold out. Since we always do it big here at MochaMoves, we checked out one of the largest records stores in the world, Virgin Mega Store in Times Square. To my surprise there were no lines and their CD's were not sold out. I went along with one of my correspondents, and she was actually purchasing a CD herself. She decided to go with Kanye West, 1 for So far I have been hearing that Kanye is actually out selling 50 Cent buy over a hundred thousand records. But over here at MochaMoves I only care about the facts so I will wait and see. An interesting thing I learned about Virgin Record store is they don't allow kid under 18 in the store before three on weekdays with out a parent, which is cool. Ok that's it for now, post a comment and tell me if you made the right choice...

The final decision

Thanks for checking me out you entry for 50Cent 5 borough concert coming soon!!!


Hey guys welcome back. So this week has been really exciting for Hip Hop with the 50 Cent and Kanye West albums dropping. It has also been a big week for the fashion world as well,and tell you the truth I don't know what to write about first...Ok I have made up my mind I will write about Fashion first. Recently I went to a Fashion Show at Gotham Hall in NYC with a few friends. We went to support one of the models and I also went to see whats next in fashion. It was not your traditional fashion show, it had a lot of flavor. The models were supper sexy, and they were not afraid to show it, actually a girl from the first season of BET's College Hill was in it. I wish I remembered her name, but I don't , she was a tom boy on the show maybe you will recognize her from my pics. She also had some Janet Jackson action with one of her outfits , but it did not seem to faze her at should have taken some names so I can tell you a full list of the designers , but I was too busy being entertained by the Well here goes what I can remember . There was a line called Nobody Clothing, it consist of tanks and loungewear. Then there was The House of Hot CoCo,that line was crazy, it consists of alot of stripper outfits. Don't get me wrong the pieces were nice but that was the only way to describe them, and you will see what I mean in the Oh and I can't forget the African clothing line , the designs were original and the designers came straight from Africa. Well enjoy the pics and post comments..
The House of Hot CoCo Designs

The House of Hot CoCo Designs (the girl from College Hill)

One of the Top Male Models Jason

The House of Hot CoCo

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