Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hey guys welcome back. So 50 Cent is doing it up in NYC with his Five Borough tour, he is doing a show in every borough in New York City. Because I love you guys so much I decided that I had to make it out to one of his venues and get the scoop. I went to the venue that I thought would be the safest,The Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. The show started about two hours late, but it was worth it for the real 50 Cent fans. It the past I used to dress most of the artists , so I would be backstage or in someones dressing room while there were on stage and miss the whole show. But now I am so over that I want to be front row rocking out with the artists. When I was younger I used to think damn I wish I was old enough to go out to the shows, so now I take advantage of concerts. I mean I never saw 2 Pac or BIG in concert or even Kris Cross damn it 50 did the whole show with Lloyd Banks and Toney Yayo, the were fun to watch. In the middle of the show he bought out Jim Jones and Jewelz Santana , they killed with BALLLLIN..LL Cool J was in the audience and a friend of mine backstage said he even saw Ciara. Well enjoy the pics and post a comment.
50 Cent at the Hammerstein Ballroom

Lloyd Banks , 50 Cent and Toney Yayo

Jim Jones at the Hammerstien Ballroom

Jim Jones and 50 Cent


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Hey guys welcome back, it is such a beautiful day outside. I can't wait to get out there and take it all in. I have been hearing alot of buzz about People Magazines Best and Worst dressed list. From what I hear, Beyonce toped the list, yeah for one for Just incase you don't know who the other person in the battle is, it is And Rihanna scored a point in my book with her MTV VMA dress. Well, enough I will leave the gossip to the other blog sites. I went to a fashion show that was thrown by People magazine to celebrate the launch of thier Best and Worst Dressed List. The show was really nice there were four hot models and they wore the looks that will be all the rave this fall. The concept of the show was to showcase pieces that will keep you off of The Worst Dressed List. There was a celebrity stylist hosting the show, but the real behind the scenes guy was Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist, Carlton Spence. He was really nice and his assistant Cathy is also really cool. They showcased a lot of looks that I can definately see myself in.
Here are some pics from the show enjoy and tell me what you think about the looks. The host said that some of the looks were inspired by Rihanna and Katie Holmes.
Behind the scene with Fashion Stylist Carlton Spence

People Magazines Hot New Fall Looks

There Goes Mocha!

ESQ Watches also sponsored the event and was giving away a free watch.

Pick Up a copy of this issue and see who made the list.

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