Thursday, August 2, 2007


Hey everyone thanks for checking out my blog. I started this blog to help me get finished writing my book. While writing the book I take alot of breaks and I don't want to watch TV because then I will fall asleep. So what I do is I check out all of those other cool websites. So then I thought why not do my own thing. I have a camera which is like my best friend. I take lots of pics because I want to remember all of my fun times. I am a natural when it comes to hosting so It should be lots of fun to watch. I am not sure where to start from so I will take you guys back to my trip in Cancun. You will see a lot of my best friends ,we have been friends for over 13 years so we have so much fun together. I went to Cancun for Memorial weekend and we stayed at Fiesta Americana. It was really nice and the people were great. I travel alot so you will get to see alot of cool places. So here are some Cancun pics.

The party was fun but the line was down the block. But if you know me you know we don't do everything moved smooth for my team. The white dress that I have on in this pic was designed by me and shoes are Louis Vuitton , you can find them at the LV store for $400. They are really cool because they are actually plastic so you can whipe down if it gets dirty and wear it to the beach. I am really into getting my clothing made for me now because it fits so well. If you need me to send you to the right person to get your clothing made just post it on the comments. You know I love giving advice on stuff like that.

Below are pics from the was soooo much fun...all you can eat and drink and on your own little island. You really can't ask for more.

Well stay tuned because I am back to stay!!!