Saturday, August 25, 2007

ON THE SCENE-Bay Bay Music Video

Hey and welcome back,recently there was a video shoot in New York City that I wanted to check out but do to my schedule I was unable too, but that did not stop me from getting an entry together for you guys. My BFF Major Chedda, an official correspondent for was on the scene. It was the "Ay Bay Bay" Remix video shoot and as per Chedda the shoot went well, she did not stay all night but from what she saw the celebs really came out to support the Down South movement. She hung out with our friend and favorite DJ, Mix Tape DJ of the year recipient DJ PCutta. He has a hot new mix tape out now "Go Hard Or Go Home". Notables that were on the set were Bay Bay the radio personality, Angie Loc (hot new artist), DJ Smurf (collie park) who makes hits for Ying Yang Twins and is also behind the Soldier Boy movement, The Lox and Pit Bull. Hot new clothing line Parish was also on the scene styling the shoot.So enjoy the pics.
Chedda, P-Cutta and Bay Bay

Angie Loc & Major Chedda

Hurricane Chris and Major Chedda

P-Cutta and Major Chedda

P-Cutta & Jada Kiss

P-Cutta & Pit Bull @ A Bay Bay video shoot

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Hey and thanks for coming back. While hanging out at Bogota I caught up with my new favorite artist Edgar Gonzalez. I love his work so I decided to put you on to a guy who is making some waves in the world of art. Edgar is originally from Guatemala but in 2005 he became a part of the Brooklyn family. His art work is really interesting I get lost in the picture ,it's so deep. I don't know how he does it, but he creates a whole new world on paper. He draws cities that are unknown to man, but his drawings look so real that you feel someone must have had to have visited it to draw it. So enjoy some of the pics.


To check out more work from the visionary artist Edgar Gonzalez's go to

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Hey and welcome back. In one of my earlier posts, I think it's the one that I went to the Pool. I told you that I went to one of my favorite spots, Bogota to get some drinks. Well last night I didn't want to go to the club or anything like that so I decided to go to Bogota for happy hour, while there I decided to put together an entry to put you guys on to one of my favorite spots in Brooklyn. Well here it goes, Bogota Latin Bistro is a restaurant in Park Slope Brooklyn that specializes in Central & South American cuisine with an emphasis on Columbian dishes. It was opened in July 2005 by Farid Ali(part Columbian) and George Costantinoe(part Costa Rican). Well I really like going to Bogota because of the drinks, there frozen margaritas are best I have ever tasted, and I swear it's like every time I go there it's Happy Hour. It is also one of the few places that I can go and not see anyone I know, so it's cool to hang out on the The prices are great they even have stuff on the menu for $2 and you can get a Mojito for $4. They have what they call a Mojito Bar , there are all types of different fruity Mojitos like Strawberry and Guava. The people are great and so is the food , but I always get that Chicken Quissadillas( it has plantains inside). Every time I go there I feel like I am on vacation because they have Latin imported wines and beers. There is a real authentic feel there, all of the servers are Spanish and they have murals and flags everywhere. You should go check it out and tell me what you think , for more info and happy hour times check out there website



You can find Bogota :
141 Fifth Avenue
Park Slope,Brooklyn
Great Place for Brunch Dinner & Late Night Lounging

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