Thursday, September 20, 2007


Hey guys welcome, not sure if you heard the buzz, but this is All Hip Hop Week. This week the Hip Hop website is hosting a bunch of cool events. Because I can't be everywhere at once, our correspondent Honeybunn covered an event for me. She was initially going to check out Justins Monday Night Football event and noticed a long line wrapping around the block for the AllHipHop fashion show and immediately changed her plans. She enjoyed the show alot and was texting me the details while she was Cool J hosted the star studded event. Featured designers in the show were Sean John, LRG, Garbege, Triple 5 Soul and many more. Had I known it was going to be so poppin I would have changed my plans, Crime Mob and Soulja Boy performed. WOW! Now am really tight, I would have shut it down with my version of the Soulja They even had celebrity models in the show such as Nik Pace (from ANTM cycle 5 ),Consequence, Nina Sky, Amanda Diva and Wynter Gordan (a new singer). Well enjoy Honeybunn's pics and don't forget to post a comment.

Honeybunn with LL Cool J at AllHipHop fashion show

Honeybunn with NBA Baller Jalen Rose

Honeybunn and friend with DJ Envy

Hope you enjoyed the entry..I have so much more to tell you guys and about so stay tuned.. I will be writing about the hot new season of America's Next Top Model and the new show Gossip Girl (Luv It!)

To find out about the upcoming events left for this week check out