Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hey guys welcome back, hope you are enjoying this beutiful weekend. Recently I went to a really cool NFL themed house party with a few friends and discovered a new drink, NUVO. NUVO is said to be the worlds first sparkling Vodka Liqueur and it is geared directly to females, the bottle even says for her on it. It is pink and tastes like an innovative whine cooler. With a touch of French sparking whine it really has a refreshing fruity taste. NUVO has also been sponsoring a lot of cool parties around the country as well, thanks to the marketing guru behind it. John Vasquez is the face that is pushing this new drink and he is also one of the forces responsible for the success of Alize. John is also and elite event promoter and a savvy businessman. The party that I discovered this drink was held at his house and had a great mix of people. From NFL players to Free from 106 & Park. I had lots of fun so enjoy the pics.



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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Hey guys welcome back, sorry I took so long to bring you guys a new post. Recently Usher did an in store event to promote his new fragrance USHER, it was a success the line was down the block. I was on the scene for this event so I have the scoop. Usher looks a lot older and mature since the last time I saw him and his wife was also there to support him. Other than the in store event Macy's set up a VIP lounge for the superstar. Fans that bought the $90 package scored a pic with him, and those who bought $140 package got be in the VIP lounge with him.He took a lot of pics showing off his wedding ring. Enjoy the pics.



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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Hey guys welcome back, I hope your weekend is going well. Recently I went shopping at one of my favorite stores Bergdorf Goodman, after shopping I decided to take a look at the fall windows. To my surprise it was not just all about the latest fall fashions, it was also about a new fall book. Bergdorf Goodman had a window dedicated to the new book, The New York Look Book: A Gallery of Street Fashion by New York magazine's Amy Larocca and renowned photographer Jake Chessum. The New York magazine has a section where they spotlight different looks from the streets of New York City, this book contains a combination of those pics. The pics are so much fun to look at, they captured people dressed up in old school gear and all. The book is actually the first book published by editor-in-chief Adam Moss.The pics inspired me so much that I went out in the streets of NY to capture a few of my own New York looks. Well enjoy a few pics of Bergdorf Goodmans window and and my own New York looks.

The New York Look window display @ Bergdorf Goodman on 57th st and 5th Ave.

Mocha in front of Bergdorf Goodman

Old School

Old School Pic of Star & The Throw-Back Kids by Mocha (I named the group- the girl is Star).
They were so much fun , I seen them hanging out in the Village and I could not resist the picture opportunity

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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Hey guys welcome, not sure if you heard the buzz, but this is All Hip Hop Week. This week the Hip Hop website is hosting a bunch of cool events. Because I can't be everywhere at once, our correspondent Honeybunn covered an event for me. She was initially going to check out Justins Monday Night Football event and noticed a long line wrapping around the block for the AllHipHop fashion show and immediately changed her plans. She enjoyed the show alot and was texting me the details while she was Cool J hosted the star studded event. Featured designers in the show were Sean John, LRG, Garbege, Triple 5 Soul and many more. Had I known it was going to be so poppin I would have changed my plans, Crime Mob and Soulja Boy performed. WOW! Now am really tight, I would have shut it down with my version of the Soulja They even had celebrity models in the show such as Nik Pace (from ANTM cycle 5 ),Consequence, Nina Sky, Amanda Diva and Wynter Gordan (a new singer). Well enjoy Honeybunn's pics and don't forget to post a comment.

Honeybunn with LL Cool J at AllHipHop fashion show

Honeybunn with NBA Baller Jalen Rose

Honeybunn and friend with DJ Envy

Hope you enjoyed the entry..I have so much more to tell you guys and about so stay tuned.. I will be writing about the hot new season of America's Next Top Model and the new show Gossip Girl (Luv It!)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hey guys welcome back, I swear I have an overload of stuff to tell you guys about. While walking in the streets of New York City I witness so many crazy things I don't where to start. Some of the things I see sometimes really don't go along with the fun theme of this site. But because I have creative control of my entries, I can put up whatever I feel is interesting. So lets get into it and I will call these sections Out And About. Yesterday I was shopping on 5th ave in Manhattan, at about 12:20pm I passed Radio City Music hall and it was calm. I was rushing so I just ran into a few stores, when I passed back by the Radio City area at about 12:50pm I saw the craziest thing, there was smoke everywhere. It looked like the pics I seen of 9/11 before the Towers fell. I took a few pics and asked a few questions and was out of there, cause I know how that go. I am from BK and we don't wait around for it to go down, we go THAT way! The bystanders told me that a cab went up in flames, that is all I needed to hear. A cab going up in flames sounded way too familiar to me, I watch CNN and that is all they seem to do in Iraq, car explosions. I read today in The New York Post the cab went up in flames unexpectedly and they don't know why. Thank god the 30yr veteran cab driver who only had the car for 6 months is unharmed. He was smart enough to jump out the car when he saw the flames.
The pics I took of 50th st bet 5th and 6th ave

Wow! don't the American Flag take the pic to a whole different level.


Hey guys I have a question for you, Who Wore it Best? Major Mocha or Remy
The hot shoe of the Summer was the Louie Vuitton plastic wedge. While combing through one of my favorite gossip sites I came across a pic of Remy Ma wearing one of my favorites shoes. So I decided to pose a question for you enjoy the pics and post your response in the comment box.
Rapper Remy Ma in Louis Vuitton shoes

Blogger Major Mocha in Louis Vuitton me!

I will be waiting for your be honest, I won't be mad if you don't pick me.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Hey guys welcome back, I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Recently I went to a really nice baby shower for Rapper Queen Pen with my good friend Jackie Rowe. Jackie is a mover and shaker in the entertainment industry, who has discovered and orchestrated the success of some of your favorite international super stars. She has been in the industry for over 20 years and is the founder of one of the leading management firms, Jacqueline Rowe & Associates. For those who are not familiar with Queen Pen, she is a Brooklyn based Rapper/Author who in the late 90's had chart topping hits with Blackstreet. Queen Pen was signed to Teddy Riley's label Lil Man Records. Her album My Melody went gold, she toured with New Edition and Blackstreet on the "Home Again Tour". She then went on to Motown Records and released her second album "Conversation With the Queen",which did well.Beyond being a rapper she is now a very successful author signed to Simon & Schuster, her two novels Situations and Blossom have sold more than 70,000 copies, combined. With that said she was a real sweetheart and the shower was lots of fun. It was not like your traditional showers because she had the baby before the shower, so every one was up and dancing. The venue was really nice, it was a denim themed lounge. Here are some pics from the shower so enjoy and post a comment.
Queen Pen

Queen Pen and Jackie Rowe of Jacqueline Rowe & Associates

Mocha and Babs from MTV's/Bad Boy Records Da Band

Mocha with Omar (rapper/author)

Hope you enjoyed the entry for more on queen Pen check out:
Don't forget to check out her hot novel Blossom

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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hey guys welcome back. So 50 Cent is doing it up in NYC with his Five Borough tour, he is doing a show in every borough in New York City. Because I love you guys so much I decided that I had to make it out to one of his venues and get the scoop. I went to the venue that I thought would be the safest,The Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. The show started about two hours late, but it was worth it for the real 50 Cent fans. It the past I used to dress most of the artists , so I would be backstage or in someones dressing room while there were on stage and miss the whole show. But now I am so over that I want to be front row rocking out with the artists. When I was younger I used to think damn I wish I was old enough to go out to the shows, so now I take advantage of concerts. I mean I never saw 2 Pac or BIG in concert or even Kris Cross damn it 50 did the whole show with Lloyd Banks and Toney Yayo, the were fun to watch. In the middle of the show he bought out Jim Jones and Jewelz Santana , they killed with BALLLLIN..LL Cool J was in the audience and a friend of mine backstage said he even saw Ciara. Well enjoy the pics and post a comment.
50 Cent at the Hammerstein Ballroom

Lloyd Banks , 50 Cent and Toney Yayo

Jim Jones at the Hammerstien Ballroom

Jim Jones and 50 Cent


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Hey guys welcome back, it is such a beautiful day outside. I can't wait to get out there and take it all in. I have been hearing alot of buzz about People Magazines Best and Worst dressed list. From what I hear, Beyonce toped the list, yeah for one for Just incase you don't know who the other person in the battle is, it is And Rihanna scored a point in my book with her MTV VMA dress. Well, enough I will leave the gossip to the other blog sites. I went to a fashion show that was thrown by People magazine to celebrate the launch of thier Best and Worst Dressed List. The show was really nice there were four hot models and they wore the looks that will be all the rave this fall. The concept of the show was to showcase pieces that will keep you off of The Worst Dressed List. There was a celebrity stylist hosting the show, but the real behind the scenes guy was Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist, Carlton Spence. He was really nice and his assistant Cathy is also really cool. They showcased a lot of looks that I can definately see myself in.
Here are some pics from the show enjoy and tell me what you think about the looks. The host said that some of the looks were inspired by Rihanna and Katie Holmes.
Behind the scene with Fashion Stylist Carlton Spence

People Magazines Hot New Fall Looks

There Goes Mocha!

ESQ Watches also sponsored the event and was giving away a free watch.

Pick Up a copy of this issue and see who made the list.

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Friday, September 14, 2007


Hey everyone welcome back, so the big question is , who did you buy Kanye or 50? Well as we all know Kanye West and 50 Cent are trying to outsell each other opening week. After hearing all of the buzz about this challenge MochaMoves decided to get in on all of the action. I went out to the record store to see if there were any lines or if the albums were sold out. Since we always do it big here at MochaMoves, we checked out one of the largest records stores in the world, Virgin Mega Store in Times Square. To my surprise there were no lines and their CD's were not sold out. I went along with one of my correspondents, and she was actually purchasing a CD herself. She decided to go with Kanye West, 1 for So far I have been hearing that Kanye is actually out selling 50 Cent buy over a hundred thousand records. But over here at MochaMoves I only care about the facts so I will wait and see. An interesting thing I learned about Virgin Record store is they don't allow kid under 18 in the store before three on weekdays with out a parent, which is cool. Ok that's it for now, post a comment and tell me if you made the right choice...

The final decision

Thanks for checking me out you entry for 50Cent 5 borough concert coming soon!!!