Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hey guys welcome back, it's been a while so I am excited to be posting another entry. I have been my usual busy self and with that said lets just get right into it. Recently I attended the Big Apple Classic at Madison Square Garden. The classic had two of HBCU finest colleges going at in basketball. It was a clash of the titans to see who was the real HU, Howard University or Hampton University. At the end of the night Hampton University took home the trophy. The game was lots of fun Al Sharpton was in the building and Hamptons pep team was the bomb..So enjoy the pics and check me out in my press
This pic is of the Howard University Bison's, they are warming up before the big game.

The Hampton University students came out fully painted in their colors. It was so funny, they had all of these crazy chants, they were the best part of the game for me.

There I go keeping score and taking notes for you guys. Hampton beat Howard 60-30, from what I hear they beat them every

Before I go I must give a big shout out to the Howards special band. They performed during half time and they were amazing. I have not seen too many college bands perform, but so far they were the best I have ever seen. They were doing all kinds of tricks and stunts.

Hope you enjoyed the pics and don't forget to post a comment.