Friday, December 21, 2007


Hey guys welcome back, Christmas is here so I decided to give the ladies a little treat. This is an extra special entry because the moves were done by one of my good friends and Mocha Moves correspondent, Minse Montana. Minse Montana is making his mark in the music and television industry with his company Montana management. He is also currently working on a documentary based on the life of his late father an NYC legend. Montana went to Vegas this month to watch the Floyd Mayweather fight. He sent me over some of his exclusive pics and told me how much of a great time he had. I was really excited to speak to him because I helped him plan it, so my thank you was allowing me to post these In case you missed the fight Mayweather fought an undefeated European boxer name Ricky Hatton and beat him by KO in round 10.
This is a pic of Montana with Floyd Mayweather's grandmother Bernice Mayweather his #1 supporter. You know mocha moves goes deep and gets the

Montana hanging with his buddy Boxer Zab Judah

Montana with Floyd's Manager Leonard Ellerbe

Montana hanging with Billionaire Marc Cuban..remember him from dancing with the

There goes Slim Thug reppin for H-Town.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Hey guys welcome back ..hope you got your holiday gifts wrapped and Santa gives you what you want for Christmas. So in keeping with the Christmas spirit I did what I do best , party like a rock star. Recently I went to a Holiday party hosted and produced by my friend and arguably NYC's top promoter Obie of Motions Ent. The party was nutz as usual Jim Jones was holding down Harlem, but BK had the place on Mario who gave me an extra special and Chingy was their jamin to there songs.. So enjoy the pics and be sure to post a comment.
There goes Obie and Chingy, who also did a impromptu performance.

WOW Jim Jones really does not

Wow look how Mario has grown..It feels like I was just braiding his hair

Oh there I go out shining everyone and I mean that literally!!

These guys are some of the veteran BK allstars, we have Manny Keyeisha Cole's manager on the far right and Don Poo CEO of a record label, second from the left and few other movers and shakers I don't know by name. But I do know that one of them owns club Reign in Brooklyn.

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Fun Fact: The guy in the Santa suit is really the owner of SOL night club in NYC

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Hey guys this is the most entries I have ever written on one night, I am really trying to make up for keeping you waiting so long for a new entry. As usual my night didn't stop until it was snowing at 6am and I was in a After my fun filled evening at the Garden. I decided to go to 40/40 and unwind. One of my friends was playing pool and she was truly dominating the pool table. I want to take this entry and congratulate her for beating four guys straight in one To make things more satisfying one of the players she beat was Trech from Naughty By Nature. He was a great sport and took the loss well ..Enjoy the pics.
She beat both of them!!

These pics were taken for her to put with rest of her victims.
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Hey guys welcome back, when I write these posts I try to give you as much info as I can, but at the end of the day you don't get to see it all. With that said I decided to post some more exclusive pics of my day at Madison Square Garden. I got a chance to check out the Knicks locker room and snapped a few pics so enjoy. I got a first hand look at where my favorite players get dressed.
There I go with one of my fabulous friends enjoying our MochaMoves VIP treatment.

So this shoe and a few "I think he is looking at me moments" are the closest I have come to my boo Jamall yeah keep it on the

I hope you enjoy the pics and don't forget to comment.
On a sad note I want to send my condolences to Stephan Marbury and his family for the loss of his father. Also RIP Sean Taylor.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hey guys welcome back, it's been a while so I am excited to be posting another entry. I have been my usual busy self and with that said lets just get right into it. Recently I attended the Big Apple Classic at Madison Square Garden. The classic had two of HBCU finest colleges going at in basketball. It was a clash of the titans to see who was the real HU, Howard University or Hampton University. At the end of the night Hampton University took home the trophy. The game was lots of fun Al Sharpton was in the building and Hamptons pep team was the bomb..So enjoy the pics and check me out in my press
This pic is of the Howard University Bison's, they are warming up before the big game.

The Hampton University students came out fully painted in their colors. It was so funny, they had all of these crazy chants, they were the best part of the game for me.

There I go keeping score and taking notes for you guys. Hampton beat Howard 60-30, from what I hear they beat them every

Before I go I must give a big shout out to the Howards special band. They performed during half time and they were amazing. I have not seen too many college bands perform, but so far they were the best I have ever seen. They were doing all kinds of tricks and stunts.

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