Monday, November 10, 2008


Hey guys welcome back. So I had fun in DC a few weeks ago. I went with my BFF Chedda to her Homecoming. Howard Homecoming is by far the Best college Homecoming ever. I had a ball partying all weekend and eating good. The clubs are always fun in DC because they are so big. I didn't go to Love the old Dream , because I heard its become a tourist attraction and you know I only want to be at the exclusive spots. I hit the yard during the day as well. So here are some pics enjoy.
There goes the AKA's doing their AKA thing. You know Chedda and I walked through the Delta's was so funny. They were looking at us like we were crazy..straight School Daze

Howard lost their big game by one point .Booo

Check out the score.

The marching band was fun to watch..Terrence Howard led the band...Hot!

Before I left DC..I went to Sideline Sports Bar to watch the Redskins game. It's cool because it is across the street from the Redskins arena.

I hope you enjoyed the pics. Post some comments, you know I luv them. Oh fun little thing that DC had was a party to go to after the party . It was packed outside and charging $40 to get in, but they did serve breakfast the only problem was they were not serving alcohol.
Big Thank you to DJ P-Cutta our tour guide. You were the best. Go Pick up his new mixtape people. Also thanks to Jia for showing us so much love, she was the best host ever.