Sunday, October 7, 2007


Hey guys welcome back, so it's Sunday and I am doing my wrap up for the past few weeks. I am just thinking about a few things that I didn't mention to you guys that I had planned on putting you onto. One thing that popped up is the new Keyshia Cole album "Just Like You". I went to one of her album release parties in NYC that was hosted by my friend Obi of Motions Ent. and her manager Manny. The party was a lot of fun she even did an impromptu performance of her hit single " Let It Go". Keyshia sat at the table next to mine so I got a good look at her outfit and what really went When she came in the crowd went wild they were kind of buggin. But you know Keyshia's fans really love her because she is so real. She did not stay as long as some would have liked but she was doing two parties in one night. I later heard her on a Baltimore radio station saying that she had to get on the road right after the party for an event in DC. But her fans were just happy to see her and getting into the party was a task in itself, but that was usual for an Obie of Motions Ent. event.Oh yeah I can't forget to let you guys know that MochaMoves was getting shout outs in the Now back to Keyshia, her outfit was cute, she had on a wide leg denim one piece ( for the record wide leg denim is back) with a large Chanel belt. From what I have heard the album is hot and it even debut at number two on the Billboard 200 chart. So go out and pick one up and enjoy some pics from the event.

K.COLE Performing at her album release party in NYC

OH! There I go..hope you like the's a MochaMoves exclusive.

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Hey guys welcome back, hope you are enjoying this hot weekend as much as I am. I really can't believe that it is 80 degrees in October, but I like it. This is the season for new albums and a the long awaited Alicia Keys album is on it's way. Her new album will be called "As I Am" and is scheduled to drop on November 13th. The reason Alicia Keys album made it into my blog is because I had a MochaMoves connection with it. I was in the city on my way to one of my friends Modeling company and bumped into this long line that was going around a block. I asked what the line was about only to find out that it was an audition line for Alicia Keys backup singers, so I just kidding!.Well I didn't join the line but I did take a few pictures, when people have a passion they are really dedicated because there were hundreds of people out there trying to fill two slots. Until next time enjoy the pics.
Alicia Keys Promo Shot for her new album

Thats my friend Major Mich

Oh look at me!lol and look at the line..WOW!.

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