Sunday, September 23, 2007


Hey guys welcome back, I hope your weekend is going well. Recently I went shopping at one of my favorite stores Bergdorf Goodman, after shopping I decided to take a look at the fall windows. To my surprise it was not just all about the latest fall fashions, it was also about a new fall book. Bergdorf Goodman had a window dedicated to the new book, The New York Look Book: A Gallery of Street Fashion by New York magazine's Amy Larocca and renowned photographer Jake Chessum. The New York magazine has a section where they spotlight different looks from the streets of New York City, this book contains a combination of those pics. The pics are so much fun to look at, they captured people dressed up in old school gear and all. The book is actually the first book published by editor-in-chief Adam Moss.The pics inspired me so much that I went out in the streets of NY to capture a few of my own New York looks. Well enjoy a few pics of Bergdorf Goodmans window and and my own New York looks.

The New York Look window display @ Bergdorf Goodman on 57th st and 5th Ave.

Mocha in front of Bergdorf Goodman

Old School

Old School Pic of Star & The Throw-Back Kids by Mocha (I named the group- the girl is Star).
They were so much fun , I seen them hanging out in the Village and I could not resist the picture opportunity

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