Saturday, September 1, 2007


Hey and welcome back. New York is known for the talented people that inhibit this city. It is one of the only places that you find people so confident about their work that they are willing to sell it to you directly. After you read that last sentence what usually comes to mind is the Rap Game, in which you see guys out selling their hot new CD. Through that hustle a new one has spawned and that is the Book Game. These new breed of authors come out and sell their books themselves, which also gives the reader a chance to get the coveted "autograph copy of book". I wanted to take this time to spotlight some of the authors that are out there selling their books and moving units in the book game. While scouring the streets on NY looking for the next hot book, I came across a must read for smokers and everyone who loves a good book is called "How To Roll A Blunt for Dummies". This book is so funny and entertaining I could not put it down. The book is by hot new author R.Prince, the author states that it explores the Subculture of Weed Smoking in America. R.Prince basically teaches you how to roll and smoke a blunt, and also what to expect while you are It even has a designated area in the back for crushing your And after meeting the author I feel this guy really knows his stuff. He is a filmmaker from Harlem and his book states he has over 20yrs of blunt rolling experience. For more info check out

The second book that I will spotlight is a two part novel called The Drug Dealer , this novel is by Isadore Johnson. This novel is about a Drug Dealers rise the US. Because I did not get a copy of this novel I am unable to give you a full review , but I am posting this because I respect his grind. The book can be purchased on For more information also check out
Mocha with the author of Drug Dealer Pt 1 & 2

The third novel that i would like to spotlight is The Donna Sisters by Gary E. Stewart. I am currently reading this book and it is hot, I am not going write much about it in this entry because I am saving it for a full book review. The author is a screen play writer who was a ghost writer on the movie Waist Deep.
Mocha and the author of The Donna Sisters Gary E. Stewart

other hot novels that you might enjoy are Guide to Stop Dating Losers

Also a full entry is coming on favorite book Bishop..the author is one of my best friends.

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Bishop info:
To all my readers Mocha and does not promote weed smoking nor drug dealing. These books are posted for the sol purpose of entertainment. So read responsibly and don't forget to post a comment and show some luv...Huge fashion entry coming soon on Cheese Wagon Clothing.



Hey and welcome back. I am usually traveling all year round but this year I have so many projects in the works, I am unable to have as much fun as I usually do. But I would not let my traveling schedule deprive you guys of seeing some fun in the sun. One of my many correspondent took a fun filled trip to Aruba and she decided to document it for you guys. So here goes Travel Entry Blog-Aruba style. The island of Aruba a part of the West Indies and is located in the Caribbean Sea. The island's population is about 89,000. The capital is Oranjestad named after the Dutch House of Orange. When picking a vacation spot my girl Laurie did not choose Mexico or any other of those hot spots because she knew that it was hurricane season and Aruba is known for its mild climate and never gets hit with storms. Well while she was gone Hurricanes came threw and destroyed a lot of the popular tropical destinations in Jamaica and Mexico. Although she told me not to worry and storms going to Aruba, I still worried, but thank god she was right and had the Time of her life. Although she was only there for one week she did a month worth of activities, and came back with lots of pictures to prove it . Laruie and her daughter enjoyed horse back riding , trips to the butter fly farm , ostrich farm and even swam in a natural pool. There was only one thing about Aruba that I don't think I would be able to get used too, that is the Iguanas that are everywhere! Well anyway the next time I go on vacation I won't leave without taking an underwater tour of the island. So enjoy the pics and when choosing you next vacation destination keep Aruba in mind.
Tour of the island on a horse-ARUBA

The money exchange-Aruba

The Ostrich Farm-Aruba

AWWW the Iguanas by the Pool-Aruba

The Submarine Tour-Aruba

and last but not least I have to put you on to the Natural Pool -Aruba

Well I hope you had as much fun reading this entry as I did writing it. Well until next time don't forget to comment.
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