Sunday, September 9, 2007


Hey guys welcome back, I hope your weekend is going well. Because of all the the Vegas talk this week, I decided to put together a Travel entry about Sin City. The MTV Awards which is being shown today was filmed in Vegas last night and from what I heard it was a blast. Vegas was also the host of the Magic Show last week, so everyone I know is out there right now. Over the past too weeks I got a lot of calls from my friends asking me where to stay or what to do when they hit Sin City, so I decided to put together an entry highlighting some of my favorite spots. So here we go, when I am in Vegas I usually stay at the Venetian Hotel. The Venetian is an amazing Italian themed hotel, if you stay at this hotel you might forget about the rest of the Vegas Strip because they are just so many entertaining things to do out there. One of the hottest restaurants and clubs is an elevator ride away from your room , TAO. TAO is known for its hot celebrity parties and great dining. To avoid waiting on long lines at night, you should go eat in the day and tell your waiter that you will be coming back at night and they will give you a get in free stamp for the after party. A must see is the canal on the 2nd floor of the hotel, you must not leave with you taking a gondola ride through the hotel. The top hotel in Vegas is The Wynn Las Vegas, The Wynn is fairly new to the Vegas Strip but it sets the standards for luxury. A nights stay at The Wynn or the Venetian for a basic room usually starts at $550.00. One of my favorite restaurants in Vegas is Emerald located in The MGM, which is also a good hotel to stay at for Boxing events. Other hotels that made my top 5 list are The Bellagio, Cesears Palace and The Mandalay Bay. My top clubs are Tao(Venetian ), Pure(Cesears Palace), Rain(Palms Hotel)and ICE. Those clubs are usually sooo poppin! don't want to leave. Earlier this year I went to some amazing parties in Vegas, Jay Z and Lebron James shut down TAO, Allen Iverson had Ice packed and nothing compared to how PDiddy made it rain in So the next time you are planning a trip to Vegas let me know so I can tell my people you are coming..Enjoy some of my vegas pics and don't forget to post a comment.
Chillin with Neyo in Vegas

Chillin with Sex and Super Producer Polo Da Don

Chillin with my ATL Connect Celo in Vegas

Working the Brooklyn Sky booth at the Magic Show

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