Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hey guys welcome back.. I wanted to Spotlight the majorness that is going on at The Wagon Boutique. The Wagon Boutique is a place to find your style. The owners are well known trendsetters from BK, they use The Wagon as a tool to help America get fresh. This store is great because all of the pieces are supper exclusive. They understand the need for the trendsetter to be one of kind. They stock pieces that only real fly guys and girls will truly appreciate. And when I am talking about fly I mean Car Show on Easter Fly , Empire Skating ring fly, if you are fly you remember those days. It is becoming what S&D's once was. As the time changes so does fashion but style stays the same, and The Wagon understands that. That is why they are bringing Coogi's back. Coogi was the symbol for getting money in the 90's. I personally never thought I would be jumping on Coogi band wagon..but it's true I am sooo getting on. I can't wait to throw on the Coogi cardigan with my color full LV bag and my pencil jeans with thigh high red boots to kill it. That outfit might sound kind of out there when I describe it but I know you will luv it , wait until you see the pics..The wagon also carries hot bags and shades so I suggest you go there to either maintain your swagger or find it.
Enjoy the pics.

There goes my boy JU on the right one of the owners of The Wagon and a founder of Cheese Wagon Clothing Line.

I hope you guys enjoyed the pics. Stop by The Wagon Boutique and pic one up.
Brooklyn, NY
1214 Union Street
Bet. Nostrand & Rogers Phone: 347-627-3600

Also check out their hot new blog
Post a comment and let me know how you feel about Coogi coming back..

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Alexie said...

I still have my Coogi's. I lucky I dont have to purchase new ones. I put them up... because I always knew there it was exclusive. Before .....Biggie brought it back in the 90's ....Bill Cosby use to rock them on the Cosby show. I hate trends.....I luv style. Trends go out of style. Style is Fashion. (Cool Blog.......I wish you all the best in your future endeavors........